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Camp Ramblewood2564 Silver RoadDarlington, Maryland, US

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Join us this Halloween as we guide you through your darkest dreams. Dance with us through 2 nights of extreme visualizations mixed with lasers, lights, theatrics, and two stages with a massive talent roster. Welcome to the Nightmare Festival!

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Michelle 11/05/2015 7:58 AM UTC

This year blew the last Nightmare out of the water! The production demonstrated a lot of skill and craftsmanship. I loved that the music wasn't played at a deafening volume. The headliners in the mainstage were great and the local DJs that played in the barn gave really intimate sets that people could dance and vibe out to. Downsizing the capacity of the festival allowed people to camp right next to where they parked which made setting up camp a breeze. Med staff was amazing they supplied the crowd with complimentary water and even gave me a blanket to carry around with me! I loved everything about this marvelous festival that really celebrated art, music, and of course Halloween!!

Oscar 11/05/2015 1:15 AM UTC

This was my first festival and I loved it. Loved the music, vendors, people. I liked how we could all come together and celebrate life. Can't wait to go again next year

Breanna 11/04/2015 7:26 PM UTC

First festival ever and so glad I attended!!! This was an amazing experience. I met some amazing people, the dance stages were awesome, and the people were amazing, I wouldn't ask to change anything about this :)

Kate 11/04/2015 6:38 PM UTC

The best nightmare so fare (my 3rd), all have change'd my life for the better. Camp Ramblewood is one of the most beautiful places on the earth. I would totally get a cabin if I had high roller status but camping is worth the hike and cold. I Know dreamscape 2016 will be out of this world and cant wait!

Brian 11/04/2015 5:08 PM UTC

First year going to nightmare. Never heard of it before until someone posted it on fb. Let me tell you, nightmare blew my mind. What a great place to spend halloween. My friends loved it, our neighbors were awesome, the vibes were so surreal. We will make this a tradition, this I promise. Keep up the good work. Maybe extend it another day ????

Camila 11/04/2015 1:48 PM UTC

Overall, pretty amazing festival. The barn was kind of boring. The music needed to be louder in the barn & warehouse. The performers were great. Maybe some more dubstep & bass but Bear Grillz & of course Figure were sick. The camping & vendors were nice. Best way to spend Halloween! Definitely going again next year

Zach 11/04/2015 12:56 PM UTC

One of my favorite festivals.. 2ND year in a row and I'll be back next year for sure. Best lasers I've ever seen. Great vendors as well.

Kayla 11/04/2015 11:21 AM UTC

Music needed to be louder. I could literally hear my own conversations in the middle of the warehouse during the shows. I shouldn't have been able to hear shit but loud music and base. And the barn was definitely dead every time I went over there. Other than those two things, the lazors/light shows were absolutely sick!! Figure was incredible! Decorations were awesome. And of course the people were awesome. Fix the sound levels and the barn and hopefully I can give you 5 stars next year! Ps: wood for the community fire should be free.

Mike 11/03/2015 6:28 PM UTC

Hands down the best festival I've ever been to. Friendly security, amazing attendees, beautiful weather, beautiful campground, and I lost myself in the music. Best way to spend Halloween ever. The decorations were all awesome. Definitely going to be coming back next year.

Rita 11/03/2015 5:04 PM UTC

Everytime i think I can't have more fun at a BADASS event, I have more fun at a BADASS event. This was my first Nightmare and I was blown away, tent life was pretty easy as long as you had enough blankets and the lasers were mind blowing. Also, the vendors this year were great!

Sydnie 11/03/2015 5:04 PM UTC

Hands down one of my favorite festivals!!! The vendors, people, music, and vibes were out of this world. I love being able to escape reality for a couple days with some of my favorite people. Counting down the days till Dreamscape...

Rafael 11/03/2015 2:52 PM UTC

I had a great time this year, this is my 3rd time at this Festival. Hands down if you want a Halloween festival experience like no other. Then this is the place you need to be! The staff are nice and professional, the camp grounds are clean and easy to get around. The music was awesome, plenty of food and stuff to look at and buy. Best of all the best laser show I have ever seen and it gets better each year! Badass Raves does it right and I am so stoked for Dreamscape and Bigdub festival.. 2 more great times by a great Team!


Rafael at Nightmare

ZENDO LOUNGE Need a safe space to clear your mind? The Zendo Lounge is an area for you to relax and get away from the overstimulation that can happen at most festivals. Chill out either by yourself or with friends in our comfy mattresses while listening to psychedelic, ambient music. You can also find Saturday daytime activities here as well as "Horror Business". NIGHT CIRCUS Find your way between stages by traveling through the Night Circus. This is a haunted exhibit that has been handcrafted by Rania, owner of The Haunted Garden. HORROR BUSINESS Catch some of your favorite B-rate horror flicks in the comfort of the Zendo Lounge at 1AM Nightly. Got someone you want to Netflix & chill with? Bring a blanket, pillows, some snacks and cuddle up. DANCE & OBJECT MANIPULATION SEMINARS The famous Dark Matter squad will be teaching various methods of dance from finger digits to tutting. Poi, hooping and staff manipulation are also included in these seminars. Seminars are located at the amphitheater stage on the northeast side of the pool. If there is inclement weather the seminars will be moved into the Zendo Lounge (Pavilion). SPOOKY THEME CAMPS Theme camps are created by our patrons as a way to express their creativity. We expect anywhere from ten to fifteen well-decorated theme camps. A theme camp is always open for the public to enjoy and explore, often hosting at least 1 activity which we will list in our guide booklet, downloadable via email to those who purchased tickets. LAZERGLOW INTERACTIVE HALLOWEEN EXPERIENCE The famous clothing vendor will be hosting a special experience jam packed with extra lasers and activities based around Halloween.

TRAVEL By Car 1 Hour from Baltimore 1.5 Hours from Washington D.C. 1.5 Hours from Philadelphia 3 Hours from Richmond 3 Hours from VA Beach ACCOMMODATIONS Camping On-site camping available Nearby Hotels Hilton Garden Inn Holiday Inn Express Super8

General Admission
GA Weekend Pass - $130
GA Saturday Only - $70


1) When do gates open and close? FRIDAY October 30 open for arrivals at 11AM SATURDAY October 31 open for arrivals at 11AM SUNDAY November 1 camp exodus at 3PM **Cabin guests may begin arrival at 10AM on Oct 30 2) What items can I bring with me? • Un-opened water, juice, or Gatorade • Food and coolers (subject to search) • Glowsticks or glowing/Illuminated Costumes or Jewelry • Prescription Medication (must be registered in your name) • Camelbacks (empty upon entry). • Hula Hoops (Even LED Hula Hoops) and Inflatables • Flags/Banners or Handmade Signs (No corporate/company branded and no hard flag poles) • Festival Totems! We accept all totem materials that are no larger than 1" in diameter. Decorated pool noodles are also okay to bring! (any object deemed dangerous will not be allowed inside) • Handheld Camera Devices (e.g., Sony Action Cam, GoPro. Must be 6" in size or less) • E-Cigs and vapes 3) What items are prohibited? • Outside Alcoholic Beverages • Illegal Substances, Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia • Pets • Laser Pointers • Glass • Stickers, Flyers, Markers, Pens or Spray Paint • Weapons of any Kind (Includes Pocket Knives, Pepper Spray, Fireworks, etc.) • Professional Recording Equipment – Photo, Video, or Audio • RV's or camping vehicles 4) Are there age restrictions? 18 to Enter 21 to Drink 5) Are there any refunds? There will be absolutely no refunds for any reason. If for some reason you cannot make it to the event you are permitted to re-sell your ticket. If you wish to change the name on your ticket then please email customersupport@ticketfly.com 6) What about trash? Nightmare is a leave-no-trace event. You are responsible for your own trash. Carry a small bag to make sure you don't throw trash on the ground during the festival or put your trash in the nearest receptacle. DO NOT THROW CIGARETTE BUTTS ON THE GROUND! This is the worst type of litter. 7) Where do we camp? Camping is permitted for all patrons on site. Camping is not permitted in the parking lot. Driving to your camp site is prohibited 8) How does parking work? Parking will be $25 per car, paid in cash before entering the site. 9) What are acceptable forms of ID for entry? Any U.S. government issues driver's license or identification card provided that it contains a photograph, name and date of birth. A U.S. or foreign government issued passport containing a photograph and date of birth. 10) Will there be safety and medical personnel on site? A medical tent will be staffed throughout the event. If you need assistance or know someone who does you can go there or notify a member of security who can radio for help. 11) Will there be security, searches and pat downs? Every attendee will go through a TSA-style search at the gate which may include an examination of all of your items. Police officers will be working inside and outside of the event. All narcotics laws will be strictly enforced and we reserve the right to refused entry to anyone who may create a liability. Your vehicle will also be THOROUGHLY SEARCHED. Any prohibited items will be confiscated & not returned. There is a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY FOR DRUG USE AND POSSESSION. 12) Will there be a lost and found? Any lost & found items can be turned in to the Information Booth in the vendor village. All items will be taken to our security station at the end of each shift. The security station is located at the big white house.